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Review: Rytr, AI-Powered Writing Assistant

Struggling to find time to write blog posts? Rytr can help. Rytr is a writing tool powered by GPT-3, a hot new machine learning model capable of producing human-like text. Rytr harnesses this power into a user-friendly interface that can generate and edit text.

Rytr can generate text from scratch for several Use cases. Content producers will be interested in the use case that takes a keyword and generates a Blog Idea and Outline.

Testing the Blog Idea and Outline use case

I had Rytr generate an outline based on the keyword “jest vs. mocha.” These are two JavaScript testing tools. This is the blog idea & outline that Rytr gave me:

MochaJS vs. JestJS: Which JavaScript Test Framework is Better for Your Web Development Project?

Introduction: Why You Should Care about JavaScript Testing

keywords: jest js, mocha js, web development

The Benefits of JavaScript Unit Testing – Why Developers Should Learn To Code with Tests In Mind

keywords: javascript test framework, jest framework, mocha js framework, unit testing with jest or mocha

How MochaJS and JestJS Stack Up Against Each Other – Differences Between the Two Frameworks

keywords: unit testing frameworks, javascript frameworks comparison, compare mocha and jest

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Test Framework for Your Web App Development Project

keywords: best javascript test framework 2017, best web development tool

The sections feel like separate blog posts instead of one cohesive whole. Like “The Benefits of JavaScript Unit Testing – Why Developers Should Learn To Code with Tests In Mind” would be a different post targeting a different keyword! And keywords like “best javascript test framework 2017” are not much use in 2021.

What Rytr is good at

But here is what Rytr is good for: the annoying finishing touch tasks. Like those pesky blog post titles. Rytr gave me several good ideas for titling a post on “Visual Regression Testing”:

  • The Benefits of Visual Regression Testing
  • Visual Regression Testing: A Developer’s Guide
  • Introduction to Visual Regression Testing For Developers

I found the editing tools like shorten and rephrase useful for those times I feel stuck on what to say.

Don’t think of Rytr as a replacement for hiring a writer, but a tool that can make a writer more efficient. Rytr itself says “our advice is, to treat the provided output as raw ideas/suggestions that need some additional work before being shared.”

If you’re going to use Rytr to help you write and you don’t have a background in content marketing, it’s useful to learn keyword research from Steph Smith’s Doing Content Right or the other resources I suggest in 5 Content Marketing Resources for Technical Solo-Founders.

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