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WordTune vs. QuillBot: Which Paraphrasing Tool Is The Best?

Do you remember a time you wrote a terrible sentence and couldn’t figure out how to fix it? A paraphrasing tool can help get you out of such jams. Paraphrasing tools use AI (like GPT-3) to fix your bad sentences. I tried two paraphrasing tools: Wordtune and Quillbot. To find out which is the best, I evaluated them […]

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The Tech Blog Title Word Bank: 100+ Useful Ideas

You’ve just written the perfect blog post, but here comes the hard part: the title. In just a few words, the title should convince people to read your article. Google cuts off the title at about 60 characters, so that’s not a lot of room for wordsmithing. It’s even worse when you’re a content strategist […]